Evening Report


Following are the activities carried out in this academic year2017-18

1) Industrial visit organized for final year students of Mechanical Engineering, and visited underground VARAHI HYDRO ELECTRIC power plant, at Hosangadi near Udupi and MAHATMA GANDHI HYDROELECTRIC POWER PLANT at jog falls,in shimoga dist. in the month of September Under the guidance of Mr.Kumar SGL/ME and Mr.Hucheerappa.H with supporting staff Mr.Shahshilkanth.

2) Industrial visit organized for final year students of Electrical and Electronics engineering visited ground VARAHI HYDRO ELECTRIC POWER PLANT, at Hosangadi near Udupi, and TEA POWDER MANUFACTURING FACTORY at moodigere, chikamagalur district. In the Under the guidance of Mr.Nagaraj.S SGL/EE with supporting staff Mr. Hariprasad.P.

3) “PORTABLE PODIUM PUBLIC ADDRESSING SYSTEM WITH BUILT IN UPS” an academic project work carried out by final year Electrical and Electronics students. Under the guidance of Mr.Shreemanth H,SGL/EE. The same may be used both in class room and in open auditorium.

4) All Electrical branch students were voluntarily involved in servicing and repairing of lighting system in the campus under the guidance Mr. S. Nagaraj SGL /EE

5) “Reconditioning of purified drinking water system” for Unit -1,Unit-2 & Unit -3 done successfully by final year mechanical engineering students in batches of three as academic project work, located in front of Science lab, Sharadha hall at Basement of the main building under the guidance of Mr. Kumar SGL/ME and Mr. Hucheerappa.H SGL/ME. All students contributed themselves to accomplish this work.

6) “Development of PLC Operated Belt Conveyor System Kit” and “done successfully by one batch of final year mechanical engineering students as academic project work under the guidance of Mr. Kumar SGL/ME and Mr.Hucheerappa.H SGL/ME. Students were contributed voluntarily to accomplish this project work. the same was used as demo kit for PLC.

7) As a cultural part, all evening polytechnic students actively participated and celebrated a AYUDHA POOJA program at polytechnic campus.

8) On occasion of ANNUAL SPORTS DAY MEET, all evening students were also actively participated in this event.