MEI Polytechnic

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Sports can be taken as a part of education, for they seek to develop three sides of one's nature-physical, mental and moral.

Institution Day

Collection of all Institution Day celebrations in previous year and current year.....

Founders Day

Founders Day is the annual MEI event celebrating the establishment of the Polytechnic.

Cultural Festival

Culture is very important in society today. With the diverse economy that we live in, it is getting much more difficult to meet the needs of all individuals.


Showcase of all Students Works in the NSS activities.....

Social Services

Social service is, no doubt, necessary. For man does not live for himself, but for the society to which he belongs. If we only think and care for ourselves, we become self-seeking.

NCC Camp

Showcase of all photos of NCC students at various camps..

Department Group Photos

Showcase of photos of all departments..