Lecture programmes conducted under BRNTE&TT during July-Nov 2016-17

1 17-08-2016 11.00 AM Sri. Rajkumar Buyya Director,
Cloud Computing &Distributed Systems (CLOUDS) Lab
Department of Computing and Information Systems The University of Melbourne Australia
Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems CS
2 06-01-2017 11.00 AM Sri. Sheshadri Retd. Engineer L&T, Bangalore. Protective Relays and Circuit Breakers EE
3 21-01-2017 10.30 AM Prof. Vivekananda Visiting Prof: IIM,
Bangalore IIT, Chennai, IIT, Mumbai
Career Guidance and Opportunities in Instrumentation EI & C
4 28-01-2017 10.30 AM Sri. Radhakrishna Prok Devices Pvt Ltd Modern Protective Devices and their Applications EE
5 07-02-2017 12 –2 PM Smt. Bharati Ravindranath Bangalore Counselling need for teenagers EC ,EI & C,CE
6 09-02-2017 2.30 PM –4.30 PM Dr. Poornima Ramesh Dr. Anjana Sridhar Adolescent Health Girl All Branches
7 11-02-2017 10.30 AM Sri. Rangaraju. M
Helious Clean Energy Pvt Ltd (ISO 9001:2015)Company
Entrepreneurship Development EC
8 15-02-2017 2 PM Sri. Rangaiah.M Personality Development EI & C
9 22-02-2017 2.30 –3.30PM Sri. Harish Ravi
Business Development Manager
Industrial Automation EI & C
1023-02-2017 2.30 –3.30PMSri. Sriram Peruvemba CEO,
Quantum Material Corporation,California, USA.
Entrepreneurship Development All Branches
11 25-02-2017 12 NoonSri. Chandrashekara. J
Assistant Manager VOLVO Trucks India
Vehicle CerticationME
12 25-02-201710.30 AMSri. Anand Emphasis Software Bangalore
Computer Network SecurityEC
1327-02-20172.30 PMSri. Venkatesh Kayaka
Computers Pvt Ltd. Bangalore
Guidance and CounsellingCE
14 04-03-201710.30 AMSri. Srikanth. M Program Director Client R & D Division INTEL Systems EngineeringCS
15 07-03-2017 1.30 PMSri. Anand Ramakrishnan
Senior Manager Pzer Inc USA
Advanced Data Analytics CS
16 09-03-2017 3.15 PM Sri. Avinash Hebsuru Health Well ness TrainerSimple steps to turbocharge your health All Faculty Members
1711-03-2017 11 AM Dr. Sameena
Senior Scientist
GIS Civil EngineeringCE
1818-02-2017 9 to 10 AM Br. Venkat Rao How to Overcome Exam fear by Meditation 4th Sem CE, ME,EI&C
1925.02.20179 to 10 AMBr. Venkat Rao How to OvercomeExam fear by Meditation 4th Sem CS,EC. EE
2025-02-201712 NoonSri. Chandrashekara. J
Assistant Manager VOLVO Trucks India
Vehicle CerticationME
2101.03.20179 to 10 AMSis. Vasantha Kumari Spirutuality 4thSem CE, ME,EI&C
2204.03.20179 to 10 AMDr. Phani Renu Meditation & Health 4thSem CE, ME.EI&C
23 08.03.20179 to 10 AMDr. Phani Renu Meditation & Health 4th Sem CS,EC,EE
2411.03.20179 to 10 AMSri. Ravindra Kini Goal Setting & Interpersonal Skills4th Sem CE, ME, EI&C
2515.03.20179 to 10 AMSri. Ravindra Kini Goal Setting & Interpersonal Skills 4th Sem CS,EC, EE
2618.03.20179 to 10 AMSri. Chandrashekar UVCE, Professor, ME
4th Sem ME, CE,EI&C
2722.03.20179 to 10 AMB.G. Subramanya, Retired Bank Ofcer
4th Sem CS,EC, EE
2825.03.2017 9 to 10 AM Sri. B. Sreenivasa Retired Bank ofcer(Last Programm In this Semester for Students) 4th Sem ME, CE,EI&C