C.R. Iyengar Memorial Resource Centre is one of the major support services of the institute which caters to the needs of over 1,300 members ( faculty, students, non-teaching staff, part-time faculty etc. )  with the support of 02 staff members. It hasa total stock of over 24,000 Hard Copy of Books & 25.000 E-Books which is ever increasing.  It has 24 Technical Journals, Five General Magazines, Four Dailies on current subscription and has over 75 back volumes of technical journals.  It has over 80 Educational Video Cassettes, over 750 Educational CD’s & over 80 Educational Floppies.  Resource Centre possesses over 600 Project Reports in Six Disciplines namely Computer Science, Electronics & Communication, Electrical & Electronics, Electronic Instrumentation & Control, Mechanical & Civil Engg., developed by the final year students of respective departments and are kept for the reference purpose. Soft copies of project reports are stored in the Server to facilitate easy retrieval.   

Digital Library : Digital Library has been set up with financial assistance from AICTE – MODROBS Project& MTES during Golden Jubilee Year of MEI Polytechnic.  Digital Library has 1 IBM Server + 20 Client Computers & 6000 Hours of high quality Technical Video Lectures  &  Web Courses covering almost all engineering disciples  developed by NPTEL ( National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning  - Consortia of All  IIT’s &I.I.Sc. ) funded by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India, Over 160 Technical Video Lectures from NITTTR Chennai, & Over 25000 e-books  for the benefit  of  staff & students of this polytechnic.  This material is stored in the Server Computer from where the access is given to the client systems through intranet. Digital Library is equipped with a LCD Projection System and the seating capacity has been increased to 80 to enable one class of students to view a particular video programme along with their respective staff members.  One slot of one hour duration per week has been allotted in the time table for all the semesters to utilize the Digital Library resources effectively.  Internet connections have been  provided in the Digital Library. Semester Examination Question Papers of last Five years have been scanned and stored in the server for the benefit of user community. 

New Initiatives in the Resource Centre  :

Ø  We have extended the Reading Room by increasing the seating capacity to 100.

Ø  Resource Centre is completely Automated using Barcode Technology.

Ø  Smart Cards have been issued to all the staff & students of our polytechnic to enable them to make effective use of the facilities in Resource Centre.

Ø  OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) search facility is provided.

Ø  CCTV Surveillance & Smart Lighting System using motion sensor technology has been implemented in the Resource Centre by the final year students of E&E of Evening Polytechnic under their project work.

Ø  We have extended the Digital Library by increasing the seating capacity to 80 and we  have increased the client systems from 12 to 20 in the Digital Library.

Ø  Digital Library is equipped with videoconferencing setup to effectively participate in  interactive sessions conducted through DTE Studio& also to conduct Seminars, Workshops, Project presentations& Campus interviews.

Ø  MEI Polytechnic is a member for National Digital Library of India, an initiative of MHRD, Govt. India.

Ø  We have added 25000 e-books on all Engg. disciplines to our digital library collection. 

There are special facilities available for the end-users. They are :

1. Open Access System 2. Lending of Books 3. Issue of Books, Project Reports & Technical CD’s on Overnight Basis. 4. Reading Room Facility  5. Reference Service 6. Book Bank facility for SC:ST Students  7. Book Bank facility under the auspices of Prof. BRNTE&T Trust for the benefit  of  poor  students  of  the  Polytechnic.   8. Digital Library Facility 9. Internet Facility

10. OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) Search Facility.

                                                                   GURURAJA VASISHTA